PMF Biblical Seminary (PBS)
A Distinctive Approach for Christ-centered Education”
by: Dr. Joel B. Santos


---Quality Education Program.
The faculty combines the breadth of education, wisdom from Scriptures,
teaching excellence,and professional commitment to Christ coupled with
life and ministry experience in teaching process.

---Concise Teaching Modules
The students’ secular education, Bible school education and life/ministry
experience are taken into consideration. Students may finish the course depending
upon their education/ministry backgrounds.

---Modular Training Approach
The subjects include non-traditional comprehensive approach designed for
busy Christian workers, church elders and young professionals who want to
earn a theological degree or upgrade their educational attainment.

---Regional Teaching Program
It offers educational opportunities to Christian individuals who want to be
trained and be equipped for the ministry. The program is extended in different
provinces of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

---Mobile Theological Education
Christians get quality theological education right where they are.
Qualified local and foreign theological professors are the ones who go to
the students’ place.

A ministry training program of
P.O. Box 3284 Manila, Philippines

 PMF Biblical Seminary (PBS) was organized by Philippine Missionary Fellowship, Inc. to cater the theological education needs of PMF local church members in the remote islands/ provinces where there are no evangelical Bible schools. At present, there are existing PBS campuses established in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro; Merida, Leyte; Surigao Sur and South Cotabato. Some areas where PMF churches are located have also training centers which are still in the process of improvement.

    The mission of PMF Biblical Seminary is to educate Christians who have special calling for Christian ministry as well as those who seek  means to better serve the church in lay ministry.  Presently, PBS offers the following theological course programs:

· Laymen Training Course (1 year)
· Basic Training Course (2 years)
· Bible Institute Diploma (3 years)
· Bachelor of Theology (4 years)

 PMF Biblical Se-minary places a strong emphasis on personal discipleship and prepa-ration for ministry.  Students are encouraged to mature in their relation-ship with Christ and in their service for Him.  Most of the students are members of PMF local churches who are called for a fulltime service while other individuals find a variety of ministry avenues such as church elders, teachers, and leaders who want to become more productive and effective in serving the Lord.
 The modular training courses are regularly attended by working professionals, public and government officials who are not able to get fulltime education due to their jobs.

     Philippine Missionary Fellowship, Inc. continues to help/assist people who will lead the local Churches in the future. Through PBS, PMF can produce effective workers and leaders with genuine PMF distinctive and missionary perspectives. It seeks to develop leaders in Filipino context  which demands commitment in four areas:

· Developing leaders of truth. 
Today, “truth” is under attack and Christians need to be able to give relevant and biblically-based response to the issues. PBS is committed to create a biblical foundation on which to build effective ministry and leadership.

· Developing leaders of character
Character is the most important attribute of effective leadership.  PMF needs Christian leaders whose character and mind are molded by Scripture.  For students to reflect Christ, head knowledge must become rooted in the heart.  It focuses on obeying the Word, mentoring programs with local churches and encourage the students in the vital area of character development.

· Developing leaders of competence. 
A biblical qualification does not guarantee effectiveness in the ministry.  PBS is committed to the practical skills component of leadership development.  To develop capable leaders, PBS is committed to partnership with local churches in apprenticeship and practical training.

· Developing leaders of influence. 
Because servant leaders are called to minister the gospel of grace into the lives of others, PBS students must be individuals who have a transforming influence in the place in where they live.  Leaders are called to stand and be a witness for Christ, in the work place, neighbors, friends and family.

PBS seeks ways to prepare the students exemplify Christian faith and character and excellence in service.  Students are instructed in and saturated with biblical, Christian worldview designed to prepare them for effective ministry.  In addition, learning ethical principles gleaned from the Bible assists to ensure the success of the workers in ministry.